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About Us: 

FORME provides freshmen with the opportunity to leave their own mark on our campus. As a member of FORME, you’re given the chance to use your creativity and imagination to turn your ideas into something that might live on here at A&M long after you’ve graduated. This is your time to create life-long friendships with your peers through service and leadership activities while learning skills to build a foundation for the rest of your life. What you really need to know is that FORME is all about the people. Joining our family will guarantee you an unforgettable freshman year!

So that has all of our buzzwords, but what does it mean? It means that as freshmen you'll be given creative freedom - a blank slate - to start and build something new here at Texas A&M. FORME offers you a chance as a student to leave a legacy that could be around for generations. As staff we will help you realize your full potential, help develop your leadership skills, and most importantly help you make those personal connections that will last longer than your four years here at Texas A&M.

Our Mission: 

"The purpose of FORME is to encourage the freshmen to think of new ideas that would benefit the campus and community, offer them the chance to put their ideas into action, and finally help facilitate the transition from idea to event."

We believe that freshmen should have the chance to help shape our campus - so join FORME today and leave your mark!



FORME '17 Committee Leaders 

Everything You Need to Know:

We would love for you to come to meet us at an informational where you get to ask whatever you like, but if you're too caught up in your first semester of college to come out, we've included some information you might want to know.


The Basics: Freshmen Organizing and Running Mixed Events (FORME) is the newest FLO on campus, founded in 2011. We have 16 staff members (4 Directors and ADs, and 12 Committee Leaders), and we're looking to find the 48 freshmen that will be the best fit for the organization. Most FLOs are going to give you about the same experience, so you want to find the one that fits you the best. The specific traits we're looking for are for us to know and for you to find out, but we want individuals with the ability to overcome obstacles and motivate others to follow their vision. Dues are $120 annually, and they pay for things like your FORME retreats, shirts, and service trips and events. Our All-FLO event is called Caroling for Cans, where we go around the B/CS area caroling and collecting food and donations for the Brazos Valley Food Bank. The other major event is up to you!


Meetings: Meetings will be held every Wednesday night at 8:30 in the MSC. If we have a speaker or other special occasion, we'll wear business casual, but otherwise you're free to wear whatever! Meetings are mandatory, but the directors understand if you have the occasional conflict.


Retreats: We have a New Members Retreat at the beginning of the year, a voluntary (but highly recommended) Winter Retreat over the break, and a Spring Retreat. Retreats are typically 2 nights (over a weekend), with the New Member Retreat being one night. Retreats are planned and carried out by your Committee Leaders (CLs) and are where most FORME members say they made their strongest bonds!


Committees vs. Crews: Committees are where work gets done. This is where most of the leadership development takes place. You will have the opportunity to pref which committee you want at the first retreat. Crews are the social side of FORME. This is where you can come with your frustrations or celebrations, talk about your week or go do something crazy with your fellow crew members. We also have All-Crew competitions between crews.

Both Committees and Crews have eight freshmen and two sophomores, split evenly between guys and girls, and you won't see the same people in either group so you get the chance to know everyone.


Why FORME?: FORME is all about giving you a true leadership experience. Freshmen Leadership Organizations were designed to give freshmen an opportunity to prepare for leadership positions on campus, and we believe the best way to do that is have you design an event of your own. Ask anyone on staff, and they will tell you that something as complex as starting a new event, from the bottom up, is the best leadership training they've ever gone through.

On a less technical note, FORME is all about its members. We pride ourselves on selecting and promoting well-rounded, down to earth individuals. You won't find any elitists. Your friends that aren't in a FLO are welcome to hang out at a lot of our events. There's never a dull moment with FORME. This is what you need to start your time here at Texas A&M off right.

Staff Retreat Galveston

Staff bonding retreat in Galveston

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